Phynt project


  • Ruben Machtelinckx (Guitar, Compositions)
  • Erwin Vann (Sax)
  • Dries Laheye (Bass)
  • Jakob Warmenbol (Drums)


"Phynt plays music. Their music is timeless. It's not modern, it's not old school, it's not straight ahead, it's not avand garde, it's not traditional, it's not jazz but yet it is, it's beyond boundaries... It is. If you really need to label it, place it in the "good music" category. This trio has a real personal and unique sound. These dedicated and serious young artists, being broad minded, have assimillited a lot of different influences. The music though, doesn't sound like like a patchwork of different style, it is definitely the sound of Phynt. Putting sound and vibe first, the quartet - the trio has recently included the more experienced and wonderful Erwin Vann on tenorsax- invites the listener to their world with suggestive and landscape like sheets of sound that would appeal to any human beings, with a pair of ears that is. Young master of their respective instruments, they never put virtuosity first. It is there, when needed, to serve the music. I'm very interested in what the next generation has to offer. I'm watching them. These young artists sets the standard for all of us, regardless of the generations, styles and labels. Watch them because they will be part of our musical future in Belgium and abroad."

Nicolas Thys