Linus project


  • Ruben Machtelinckx (Acoustic baritone guitar, Compositions)
  • Thomas Jillings (Reeds, Compositions)


"Could a sound turn inward and face itself? When I really listen to this music, I feel like I'm staring into the sky. How do they do it? The boundless aspect implies a dreaming state, yet at the peripheries of the reflective finger picking which blossoms in the most beautiful modulations, and the speculative breath which converges and diverges with the tempo, constantly tightening and loosening its grip, there is a longing again, like the feeling that you may lose touch with something or someone you love and you must see them one more time."
Eyvind Kang, November 2013


Linus, a duo of two composers and improvisers, brings the listener into a bubble. The intense sound of tenor saxophone and acoustic baritone guitar produces melodies that take you on a journey of simplicity, purity and longing.

In this project, Ruben performs together with Thomas Jillings. Thomas Jillings is a young reed player and improviser. He is the leader of An Expedition into the Mind of Sgt. Fuzzy, a band that combines influences from jazz, rock, ambient, electronic and noise music and which features some of Antwerp's and Holland's most promising musicians (Bert Dockx, Gerri J├Ąger, Nathan Wouters, Ruben Machtelinckx)